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Gun Rights

Restoring Gun Rights

You can restore your Gun Rights without vacating your convictions!

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FLAT fees for all services.
Fees start at $1000


  • You can not have any open or pending criminal case
  • You were not convicted of a felony sex offense as an adult
  • You were not convicted of a class A felony
  • You have not committed a crime in 5 years
  • You have not been in jail or prison for the last 5 years
  • If you have more than one felony conviction, all of your felony points have washed. (Meaning it has been 5 years since you were sentenced for a class C felony, or it has been 10 years since you were sentenced for a class B felony.)
  • You have completed all conditions of your sentence (Protection Orders excluded)

     You do not need to appear in court! 

NICS Appeals

(National Instant Criminal Background Check System.)

If you have been delayed or denied on a firearm purchase for any reason, we can help.  We frequently process NICS appeals and can help ensure that you can legally purchase a firearm.  We can clear up any NICS denials and help ensure that you are not wrongfully charged with a crime.  

Call today to see if you are eligible to restore your gun rights or expunge your criminal convictions.