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Juvenile Records

Sealing Juvenile Records 

We have experience sealing juvenile court records.  Don't let an old juvenile conviction cause you hardship.  Juvenile convictions can interfere with professional licenses, education, employment, housing, and family court.  Convictions and old dismissed cases can now be sealed from public inspection.  We have sealed juvenile records throughout central Washington and can typically seal records within 30 days.  It isn't necessary for the juvenile to attend court to have a court file sealed. 

Class A felonies can be sealed after five years crime-free in the community.  All other juvenile convictions can be sealed after two years crime-free in the community.     RCW 13.50.260.

Juvenile Convictions 

To be eligible:

  • The conviction was not for Rape in the first degree, Rape in the second degree or Indecent Liberties committed with actual forcible compulsion.  (Not Rape of a child.)
  • Can not have any open or pending criminal case
  • Can not be required to register as a sex offender
  • Any ordered restitution has been paid

If you have a mix of adult and juvenile convictions call for a free consultation.  All consultations are confidential.   

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